PRAISE ~ Ïaï Babalon

Her temple bestows a purple simmer
dressed with an alluring red hue.
Its taste is that
of the utmost tantalizingly sweet honey
and quickening blood
congealed into the wine
of divine ecstasy.

Impelling the body
with the euphoria of a victorious
warrior upon the touch,
and the power
to subdue
a ravenous wolf
by Her bewildering
carnal scent,
She is,
and always will be,
the absolute Crimson Pearl.

bbln_dr copy


~ Verbs by Ïal Lehmti I’Riv, 15.07.2012 A.B.

LEGIS ~ Fuck Your Madness

Let’s start out by stating three important points:

– Some substance use can be beneficial and even useful, for several reasons, within the limits of both the Self, the Self’s environment, and the productive goal that is to be attained through it. But when substances/drugs are taken in far too large quantities or lead to an addiction, in either a variable random mind set or even self-destructive one, then we explicitly oppose such conduct.

– Some acts of physical, verbal or any other sort of violence is beneficial or even necessary sometimes (in self-defence), but again needs to fit the limits of the Self, the Self’s environment, and the productive goal that is to be attained through it. But when violence becomes a random outlet for anything that is not productive, then we explicitly oppose such conduct.

– The only Self-destructive path we support at the Toxandrian Esoteric Offensive is the one through Sophia, ritual and eventual growth and Self-realisation/knowledge. Any other means or mind set that results in self-destructive behaviour is opposed by us.

nstm_fymUnsure where exactly it originated from, perhaps as counter initiative to a 1985 president Reagan campaign, but to us mostly known as a promoted mind set and movement in the (black/death) metal underground since the late 90’s, “Never Stop the Madness” endorses mass drug/substance-abuse, random violence and a self-destructive life-style to its adepts.  Within the Toxandrian Esoteric Offensive, we absolutely repudiate any such mind set, movement or conduct. Furthermore, we deem it highly disgraceful, vile and detrimental to the Self.

PSALM ~ Animus Summissus Facultas est Summus Lex

Purpose befallen by bile soaked opaque robes,
beckons the blood lust,
preaching boundless voracity.

Waving in castigation of Will,
the undying gleaming virtue
that engorges sublime defiance,
throughout congenital vice
that spurns ferociously.

Gated chamber of the Psychonaut
straddles the wicked.
Beseech not facility,
contrarily forge the Self
under intense vigilance
and diamond scales.

Abdicate fevers.
Relinquish dread.
Amass from summoned cultivation
the salvation of self-omission,
allowing irreproachable law.


~ Verbs by Ïal Lehmti I’Riv, 25.10.2012 A.B.