REVELATION ~ Our Esoteric Congregation

“Do not concede to faith, rather conceive your own” ~ Ïal Lehmti I’Riv

Our credo describes our inner congregation most fittingly, as it falls not under any one current, cultus or church. On the contrary, ours slithers through all currents, useful and nurturing to the Vessel and its needs & goals. Anthropological philosophy & theosophy are the keys to our own unique current. We encourage the gnostic analysis of the full esoteric spectrum, to there from build the vessel’s own broadly structured beliefs, ethics & traditions. Furthermore, we strictly repudiate futile idolatry or narrow-minded/warped views and opinions, that drive one into a mere drone-like existence.

As both sides of the spectrum need studying and analysis to ascertain the full picture and sophia of the esoteric tradition, our current is one that automatically lies with the Left Hand Path, for we do not turn away from the sinister texts & teachings, as are ascribed blasphemous by Right Hand Path beliefs. The Right Hand Path is a mere thin, misleading veil over the vast and nearly endless pillars of the sinister and esoteric traditions beyond. We strive to rip through this veil, and delve deep into the obscure and the occult Gnosis, through which we erect our own Temple. We praise Khaos, and our tradition is that of Ophidian Adversarialism.


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