AXIOM ~ Underground Promotional Antics, Since ± 2010

Wondering how an (underground) band/project can still get respectable promotion or awareness these days, to get/stay on to the radar, so to speak? Well, especially without resorting to any of the following debasing acts, like…

  • Whoring their releases out to any dime-a-dozen vapid review; to either an easily “bought” or “charmed” self-imposed blogger; band-buddies and plain degenerate suck-ups (possibly using several alter-ego’s); or hype-induced worthless magazines. While also too many times consenting to any random interview that asks the same shallow and redundant questions over and over, yet still demand for more and more mysterious and/or obscure answers for the sake of outdoing one another on the still existing global ‘kvlt’-scale.
  • Sucking-up to as much promoters and/or gig-organizers as possible, for the sake that one of them might just be desperate or gullible enough to put them as a support act for any-what-so-ever billing presented to them, abandoning any self-respect or actual integrity while doing so.
  • Sending out their demo/promo’s to as much labels as possible, to both the far fewer and unrealistic respectable ones,  and a huge amount of the marginal ones. Again, losing any bit of credibility, integrity and self-respect for the work/music, opposed to ONLY trying those very few selected appropriate channels a band would/should be best represented by.
  • Sucking-up to and/or manipulating their way into the circles of yet “established bands” and/or the mini-cliques surrounding them. All too often even going as far as band-inbreeding, where band-members of these yet established bands are taken into their own ranks in order to attain more fame and credit through those kinds of superficial tactics. The latter even happening between more and more established bands themselves (ie. Cross-guest-appearances galore). Ironically, this once so hostile, misanthropic and individualistic scene has, since some time, made way for a global sanctimonious brethren mentality with a vast “one individual only helping out the other if there is personal gain to be had from it” attitude going on, where there is a high climate of nepotism.
  • Or last but not least, one of the most frontline and annoying examples, which is spamming as many online mediums with their own propaganda as possible, ranging from (nearly) any metal related forum what-so-ever, to just posting their promotion to any (non-relating) event- and/or band-page(s) on Facebook.

As a secluded assembly, we despise and repudiate any such conduct, as mentioned above, and solely base our means and message on the quality of our offerings, and the very selective promotion there-of, through a few carefully chosen mediums. Praise the solemn and the detached.


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