Because of vastly increasing self-marginalization, and the overly commercial and conformist nature of the spiritual and liberal arts, and the philosophies they are built on, it had become all the more apparent that a separation from any such conduct was necessary. This is the prerogative and genesis of the Toxandrian Esoteric Offensive. We are a secluded severance movement that distances itself from what is going on in these globally deteriorating artistic and “spiritual/esoteric/religious” circles, whilst redefining our own paths and ideals. Coiling from the roots of anthropology and the sophic rites of determined respected esoteric currents (see CURRENT below) , we transform the culmination into the unique theosophy of our own current. The Toxandrian Esoteric Offensive’s congregation is a collective of advocates that are driven by, and expressive through, several artistic channels such as music, writing, photography, lecture, etc. As a severance movement, it goes without saying that our current (school & philosophy) is completely divided from any others, and it is the first and only one of its kind.