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Adustum logo by Ïal Lehmti I’Riv © 2009

Band/project name: Adustum
Origin: Toxandria, since 2007
Genre: Ophidian Adversarial Black Metal

Since 2007, Adustum is an isolated entity that states the veritable values and traditions of Ophidian Adversarialism through their Audible Black Mass.

Ïal Lehmti I’Riv – sermons & guitars
IV – guitars & bass
rV – guitars
KdL – drums & percussion

2011 – Searing Fires and Lucid Visions (ORDER) (INFO) (REVIEWS)
2017 – Drakon Sovereign Supreme (The Ordinance Upon the Entangled Black Pyramids) (INFO)



At long last, we’re proud to shed the full light on our latest recording, well over 4 years ago. May we present to you “Drakon Sovereign Supreme (The Ordinance of the Entangled Black Pyramids)“. This sermon represents a further leap into the Ophidian abyss. A work of Qliphothic unfolding and rekindled archaic rites.
It was recorded in the spring of 2012, in Blackout Studio, Belgium. Initially mixed and mastered by J. Bezier, and eventually re-mastered by T. Tannenberger to fit the format of the release it was going to be a part of. Alas, after 4,5 years of waiting, due to troublesome circumstances, this planned release was cancelled.
Adustum is currently looking for the most fitting physical release medium for this sermon.

The first Adustum shrouds are available, based on artwork created by Karmazid, for exclusive Adustum use. The off-white/golden artwork has been printed on two different canvasses. One is a Gildan heavy cotton, black t-shirt; and the other is a black, elasticated, heavy cotton girlie long-sleeve teejay (dress/top). Available HERE

The first Adustum artifact is a fact, in the shape of a high quality embroidered patch. 100mm x 64mm, Golden stitching on black surface. Available HERE

“Searing Fires and Lucid Visions” is released through Exitium Productions, UK.

As we await the tape version release of “Searing Fires and Lucid Visions” through Exitium productions, and a completely new exclusive release (more info tba. soon!), both to see daylight before the end of 2013, we are also working on a vinyl release of our first tome, through World Terror Committee.

With our upcoming track “Drakon Sovereign Supreme (The Ordinance of the Entangled Black Pyramids)” finally being named to be released in September 2013, today we already wish to announce that certain parts of the our next offering are in the making already as well. Secondly, we welcome back ‘rV’ as an added guitar player. He was with Adustum back in the pre-recording era, and after a timely hiatus, he returns as a full member once again. And last but not least, we are preparing a few very select/exclusive ceremonies, but when and where these will take place will be announced in due time.

We are proud to finally be able to shed some more light upon our upcoming release. As mentioned before, we recorded an exclusive sermon for a highly exclusive artefact, of which more info will be given at a later date. But, none the less, we can already present you with the the main portrait of the magnificent artwork, crafted by the marvellous Babalon Graphics, that will go along with our part of this upcoming artefact, as well as the sermon title: “Drakon Sovereign Supreme (The Ordinance of the Entangled Black Pyramids)”.


After some time of silence, we are glad to announce that our entire first album “Searing Fires and Lucid Visions” is now available for a listen-through and purchase through Bandcamp.

There is also a small update on our upcoming new sermon to be released as part of an exclusive multi-split. This release will see the light of day in the early spring of 2013. There are still quite a few things to be taken care of, so more details will follow in due time.

Earlier this week, Adustum recorded, mixed and mastered an exclusive new sermon for a very unique and privileged release. More details to follow soon!

Adustum is currently working on exclusive new material.

Another, more comprehensive review.. (for “Searing Fires and Lucid Visions”)
“The psalms reflect devotion and spiritual ascension..” on Infernal Dominion can be read HERE.

From the USA and Chile to Japan and Australia, the first album Searing Fires and Lucid Visions has reached all over the globe, leaving behind only remarkable impressions. World Terror Committee has recently sent out a few promotional packages to accredited reviewers, so Adustum hopes to make these reviews available to the outside as soon as possible.

The first official review.. (for “Searing Fires and Lucid Visions”)
“..that vibe of religious intoxication I get that’s especially pleasing” by Currentzz can be read HERE.

Adustum’s Searing Fires and Lucid Visions is available now through World Terror Committee e-shop, and from the band directly. As mentioned before, the first fifty orders will recieve a free limited edition high-quality logo sticker along with the album.

Adustum’s first opus, Searing Fires and Lucid Visions, will be released through World Terror Committee on Samhain 2011. Click HERE for an image of the release flyer.

Adustum has printed a limited amount of high quality, white on black, vinyl logo stickers. These shall be added to the first fifty orders of the upcoming album Searing Fires and Lucid Visions. Click HERE for an image of the logo sticker.