PSALM ~ Animus Summissus, Est Summus Lex

Purpose befallen by bile soaked opaque robes,
beckons the blood lust,
preaching boundless voracity.

Waving in castigation of Will,
the undying gleaming virtue
that engorges sublime defiance,
throughout congenital vice
that spurns ferociously.

Gated chamber of the Psychonaut
straddles the wicked.
Beseech not facility,
contrarily forge the Self
under intense vigilance
and diamond scales.

Abdicate fevers.
Relinquish dread.
Amass from summoned cultivation
the salvation of self-omission,
allowing irreproachable law.


~ Verbs by Ïal Lehmti I’Riv, 25.10.2012 A.B.


PSALM ~ Nexion Ex Khaos

Sequence the divergent summons,
modulate the inexorable pursuit,
procreate the malicious design,
and liberate the archaic element.


~ Verbs by Ïal Lehmti I’Riv, 19.07.2012 A.B.

AXIOM ~ Underground Promotional Antics, Since ± 2010

Wondering how an (underground) band/project can still get respectable promotion or awareness these days, to get/stay on to the radar, so to speak? Well, especially without resorting to any of the following debasing acts, like…

  • Whoring their releases out to any dime-a-dozen vapid review; to either an easily “bought” or “charmed” self-imposed blogger; band-buddies and plain degenerate suck-ups (possibly using several alter-ego’s); or hype-induced worthless magazines. While also too many times consenting to any random interview that asks the same shallow and redundant questions over and over, yet still demand for more and more mysterious and/or obscure answers for the sake of outdoing one another on the still existing global ‘kvlt’-scale.
  • Sucking-up to as much promoters and/or gig-organizers as possible, for the sake that one of them might just be desperate or gullible enough to put them as a support act for any-what-so-ever billing presented to them, abandoning any self-respect or actual integrity while doing so.
  • Sending out their demo/promo’s to as much labels as possible, to both the far fewer and unrealistic respectable ones,  and a huge amount of the marginal ones. Again, losing any bit of credibility, integrity and self-respect for the work/music, opposed to ONLY trying those very few selected appropriate channels a band would/should be best represented by.
  • Sucking-up to and/or manipulating their way into the circles of yet “established bands” and/or the mini-cliques surrounding them. All too often even going as far as band-inbreeding, where band-members of these yet established bands are taken into their own ranks in order to attain more fame and credit through those kinds of superficial tactics. The latter even happening between more and more established bands themselves (ie. Cross-guest-appearances galore). Ironically, this once so hostile, misanthropic and individualistic scene has, since some time, made way for a global sanctimonious brethren mentality with a vast “one individual only helping out the other if there is personal gain to be had from it” attitude going on, where there is a high climate of nepotism.
  • Or last but not least, one of the most frontline and annoying examples, which is spamming as many online mediums with their own propaganda as possible, ranging from (nearly) any metal related forum what-so-ever, to just posting their promotion to any (non-relating) event- and/or band-page(s) on Facebook.

As a secluded assembly, we despise and repudiate any such conduct, as mentioned above, and solely base our means and message on the quality of our offerings, and the very selective promotion there-of, through a few carefully chosen mediums. Praise the solemn and the detached.

REVELATION ~ Our Crest is revealed

Today we wish to reveal our crest. The concept behind it was devised by Ïal Lehmti I’Riv, and the drawing and actual realisation of it was done by Babalon Graphics, mid-June 2013.


TEO Crest created by Babalon Graphics, exclusively for the Toxandrian Esoteric Offensive. All © Babalon Graphics, 2013.

About the concept behind the TEO-crest

We clearly see both the Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) and the Eurasian Brown Bear (Ursus arctos arctos) side by side. Both are known to be some of the world’s most powerful and instinctive solemn hunters. The bear is the strongest of all carnivorous mammals, where-as the peregrine falcon is the fastest animal on the planet, with astonishing eyesight and maneuverability. The bear, on the right side for a reason, symbolizes the solemn strength of mind and will. Furthermore the bear is an opposer to all pack mentalities, from sheep to wolves. The bear represents our physical side. The Peregrine falcon, purposely on the left side, symbolizes analytic vision and the crude vigilance that go with veritable devotion and practice. The falcon represents our meta-physical side.

The crest is flanked on both sides by a Common Adder (Vipera berus) coiling around branches of Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) and Sage (Salvia divinorum). These represent the affirmed Sophia behind meditation and visions into the adverse realms, but again the need for vigilance and great mobility to evade the many pitfalls and malign influences there-from.

As a crown, the Moon is depicted to emphasize the sinister and dormant beast within the vessel. Recognizing and giving way to the full spectrum of the physical and meta-physical realms and/or universe. Below the banner at the bottom of the crest, is the holiest Sigilla of the Ophidian Adversarial current, which our core embodies, describing the vessel’s path.

Furthermore, the Peregrine Falcon, the Common Adder and Wormwood are indigenous to Toxandria, though the latter is very rare. Sage is also indigenous to Toxandria, but not the genus mentioned above, which originates from Mexico. The Eurasian Brown Bear’s ancestors used to dwell south-east of Toxandria, but have since receded mostly to Scancinavia and the mountainous forests of southern- and eastern-Europe.

OFFERING ~ Adustum “Searing Fires and Lucid Visions” digi

Founded by Ïal Lehmti I’Riv, early 2007 A.B., Adustum is an isolated entity that states the veritable values and traditions of Ophidian Adversarialism. It is the audible delivery of Adversarial gnosis begotten through singular study and hybrid craft.

After several years of devoted study and musical composition, the first artefact, “Searing Fires and Lucid Visions” was recorded in the summer of 2010, and released by World Terror Committee Productions on Samhain 2011.

“Embrace this audible grimoire as a vessel of the scorning and vicious self-initiation rites of a Drakonian Magickian. Get drowned in the Qliphothic corridors of Aindrogynous Sophia, and submerge the self in Adversarial Black Mass.”



REVELATION ~ Our Esoteric Congregation

“Do not concede to faith, rather conceive your own” ~ Ïal Lehmti I’Riv

Our credo describes our inner congregation most fittingly, as it falls not under any one current, cultus or church. On the contrary, ours slithers through all currents, useful and nurturing to the Vessel and its needs & goals. Anthropological philosophy & theosophy are the keys to our own unique current. We encourage the gnostic analysis of the full esoteric spectrum, to there from build the vessel’s own broadly structured beliefs, ethics & traditions. Furthermore, we strictly repudiate futile idolatry or narrow-minded/warped views and opinions, that drive one into a mere drone-like existence.

As both sides of the spectrum need studying and analysis to ascertain the full picture and sophia of the esoteric tradition, our current is one that automatically lies with the Left Hand Path, for we do not turn away from the sinister texts & teachings, as are ascribed blasphemous by Right Hand Path beliefs. The Right Hand Path is a mere thin, misleading veil over the vast and nearly endless pillars of the sinister and esoteric traditions beyond. We strive to rip through this veil, and delve deep into the obscure and the occult Gnosis, through which we erect our own Temple. We praise Khaos, and our tradition is that of Ophidian Adversarialism.